#Attention Woman Dieters...

Discover Why Intermittent Fasting  and Keto - - When Combined

May Be The Most Effective Weight Loss System EVER… Even If You’ve Repeatedly Failed In The Past

Best of all... strenuous exercise is NOT required... and the potential health benefits can be significant!​

Dear Struggling Dieter,

1. You might be wondering... what the heck IS Intermittent Fasting?

Well… it’s NOT a diet.

In fact, it’s actually just a simplified schedule of eating.

This “schedule” involves sticking to a fixed number of hours for eating, followed by a fixed number of hours for “fasting” (where you don’t eat anything).

In addition to a loss of fat, there are PROVEN health benefits to intermittent fasting. This has been confirmed by women who have given this healthy “lifestyle” a try.

The thing is…

There’s a “dirty little secret” the weight-loss industry does NOT want you to know…

2. Most weight loss programs simply DO NOT WORK.

That is, they don’t provide long-term, lasting results. The weight lost eventually creeps back on.

Why is that true?

Is it because highly restrictive diets aren’t practical or sustainable? (I’ve experienced this issue…and you probably have, too.)


Is it also because the industry wants to retain their “customers” — and PROFITS — more than they want to actually help you lose weight?

I’ll leave that for you to sort out and decide.

But here’s what I DO know…

3. There's a BETTER WAY to lose weight and get healthier.

You see, there is a weight loss “protocol” that nutritionists, dieticians, and fitness fanatics everywhere swear by.

But let me back up a step…

Because I’m actually talking about TWO different — but complimentary — eating protocols (or systems, or programs… if you prefer).

The first one is called Intermittent Fasting; the second one is The Keto Diet.

I’ll get into what these are and how they work in a moment. But, for now, what you need to understand is that impressive results are commonly reported…

4. When these two eating protocols are COMBINED.

Here’s the bottom line…

Nothing else can match the FAT LOSS potential of Intermittent Fasting + Keto.

And that’s why I wrote this e-book… and my keto (mini) e-book. I felt that people — ESPECIALLY WOMEN — needed to know about it.

My goal is to quickly and easily put you on the “inside track.”